Monday, March 5, 2007

phylosophy of trading

Knowing about phycology of investment.
1. Turn arounds take seven years.
2. Buy in haste, repent at leisure.
3. Sell your losers and let your runners run.
4. In a bull market, be bullish.
5. All growth is temporary.
6. Never throw good money after bad.
7. Succesfully fund manager have brains,nerve and don’t forget a luck.
8. The market is a discounting mechanisme.
9. You really should discount your list.
10. A good momentum is a good opportunity.
11. There are no one desicion stocks.
12. To Err is human, to hedge is divine.
13. If industry leader is overconfidence
14. Price is a fundamental- it is the only thing you know for sure about stock.
15. Buy on the rumours, and sell on the news.
16. Buy when you can find a bull.
17. If the idea is right, eights or quarters won’t matter.

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