Monday, March 5, 2007

successfull stratedy

Successful strategy to have invesment
1. Fundamendal and have performance nicely ( successful key of maiden share )
2. Remember always to read the content prospectus in detail
3. Potential analysis its business risk
4. Analyse the requirement of usage of it’s IPO
5. See the kualifikasi and bonafiditas lead underwriter
6. Industrial price of stocks of a kind pursuant to PBV ( Price To Book Value
7. Neglectless with the statement of Oversubscribe vs Undersubscribe ( Trick Promotion or true correctness )
8. Don'T too impassioned wish always win.

phylosophy of trading

Knowing about phycology of investment.
1. Turn arounds take seven years.
2. Buy in haste, repent at leisure.
3. Sell your losers and let your runners run.
4. In a bull market, be bullish.
5. All growth is temporary.
6. Never throw good money after bad.
7. Succesfully fund manager have brains,nerve and don’t forget a luck.
8. The market is a discounting mechanisme.
9. You really should discount your list.
10. A good momentum is a good opportunity.
11. There are no one desicion stocks.
12. To Err is human, to hedge is divine.
13. If industry leader is overconfidence
14. Price is a fundamental- it is the only thing you know for sure about stock.
15. Buy on the rumours, and sell on the news.
16. Buy when you can find a bull.
17. If the idea is right, eights or quarters won’t matter.

leverage trading

Share transaction require the big capital. capital which we release of course excelsior also existing risk. Now have been made available facility of small transaction capital so that risk which our possibility accepted small also, but can give the unlimited advantage.
STOCK OPTIONS is the answer. With the our stock options only needing small capital because wedo not buy / selling its share but only buying / selling its contract. With only $ 25 we can buy a contract later;then we also can sell it.
Its principle is equal to common share transaction, that is buying at low price and sell at a stiff price. But that way, in sales contract this we are only can obtain;get the just capital gain.
To inquiring You more, accessible to safe have investment